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 The Jus Company’s Classic Jus saves preparation time including ingredient sourcing, ordering, buying, chopping, and then the meticulous art of simmering and reduction.

All products do not compromise on nutrition – being both healthy and exceedingly decadent. No preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings or thickeners are used and they are all GLUTEN FREE.

The sauces can just be heated and served – ideal for the master chef at home!

All products have a 5 – 6 months shelf life and come in a 300ml Jar. Jus available in 150ml also

There are 20 units to a carton with a 5% discount on case buys ( not mixed)

Red Wine/Port Wine  Jus With a red wine reduction or port reduction you add flavour and colour by reducing wine or port to our Classic Jus.

Pepper Jus Crushed green or pink peppercorns with a white wine reduction and Classic Jus is an excellent peppercorn sauce for white meats.

Rosemary & Redcurrant Jus The addition of rosemary and redcurrant jelly gives an excellent finishing sauce for tender lamb racks, rump, back strap or medallions.


Our Range:

Classic Red Wine Jus 300ml

Classic Red Wine Jus 150ml

Demi Glace Sauce 300ml

Mushroom Sauce 300ml

Peppercorn Sauce 300ml

Dianne Sauce 300ml

Napolitana Sauce 300ml

Red Wine Jus, the top of the range, the restaurant quality plate ready Jus made the classic way, used by chefs all over the world; we made this for Michelin starred restaurants and 5 star hotels.

This is rich and decadent, versatile and gives any dish a restaurant quality finish.

Use with poultry, red meats, pork, offal and braised dishes, enrich stews, cassulets and confit dishes.

Quick to use - just microwave in a china cup and pour over your meat and serve straight away.




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